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Funniest Bernie Sanders Mittens Memes

Bernie Sanders didn’t mean to steal the show at Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony for the 46th president of the United States. But that’s exactly what Sanders did.

The senator from Vermont made everyone’s Inauguration Day by wearing some large brown mittens and a winter jacket.

The internet showed its appreciation with some tremendous memes.

How It All Started

‘This Isn’t Painful. Getting Shot Is Painful.’

Can I Interest You in Some Universal Health Care?

This. Is. Not. A. Game.

Spend a Little More Time Trying To Make Something of Yourself and a Little Less Time Trying To Impress People

Don’t Worry, We’ll Get to Where We Need to Be

But First, We Have to Rise Up

And Stand for Something

Coming Straight Outta Wherever You’re From

There Might Be Some Struggles Along the Way

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